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Salford Diocese

Churches in Oswaldtwistle have come together to help provide food for struggling local people as the community Food Bank opened in November.

In September, after realising there is a need for a Food Bank  locally, the town’s  Churches developed an interfaith community initiative  to establish a food donation and distribution network.

Fifteen collecting bins have been located in schools, supermarkets, businesses and even GP surgeries to collect non-perishable foods which will be distributed to qualifying families and individuals by volunteers from the Harvey Street Community Centre outlet point.

Residents will be able to pick up food parcels every Monday from 1pm to 5pm with vouchers handed out by social services and support agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureau.

The organisers believe that the Food Bank will reduce the need for people to spend money travelling to the current closest food pick up points.

Starting as a 20 week scheme the organisers hope it will be successful and if the need remains continue to run next year.

Eve Gattei, one of the founders,   believes that like many other places in the UK  Oswaldtwistle has a need for a local scheme and we as a Church community want to help residents as best we can.

When people lose their job or have to claim essential and unfamiliar benefits the need can become quite acute quite quickly and the need for help is real and urgent.

There has been a positive response so far and we hope to add collection points and take on more volunteers should the need for the scheme grow.

We plan to work alongside the other Food Banks and hope that together we can make a  difference and refresh links with all the Churches and the community in the town.

Donations are essential to help pay for the community centre hire and travel costs. Food donations too will ensure our project can keep running over the winter months.

If you  want to help at all as a volunteer please call Eve on 01254 237855 or email gattei@hotmail.com.

Opening times are Monday between 1 p.m. & 5 p.m. So if you can spare time to help you will be welcomed.

Oswaldtwistle Churches Food Bank