November Souls -

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We Pray For The Souls Of: -

Magdalene Yarkess
William Yarkess
Patricia Norris
Rose and Jan Stelmach
 Margaret, George and David Stokes
Michael Beard
 Beatrice and Jack Horman
Robert Pinder
June Holman
Jack and Bertha Hindle
Elizabeth Nuttall
Douglas Thomson
Elizabeth O'Bryan
Alexander Boros
Bob Austin
Hilda Catlow
John Catlow
Joan Murray
Annie Barton
Edward Clarkson
Annie Cecilia Clarkson
Mary Ann Clarkson
Helen Thomson
Margaret Evelyn Satterthwaite
Albert O'Bryan
Daniel 'Danny' Stott
Tommy & Betty West
Geraldine Curran
Mary Curran
Edna Banks
Harry and Clare Catlow
 Burton and Fairclough Family
Deceased members of the Hart and King families
Ken Hargreaves
Wilfrid Parr
Harold Owen
Joe and Agnes Duggan
Michael Duggan
Evelyn and Ernest Taylor
Brian Armstrong
Deceased members of Rushton and Brereton families
Bernard Catlow
Ellen and Gerald Sugden
Mary Ribchester
Fred Alveston
Deceased members of St Mary’s male voice choir
 Deceased members of the De Jong family
Kitty Cahill
 Helen McEvoy
 Siobhan Keller-Lawless
Deceased members of St Mary's Ladies Choir
Deceased members of St Mary's Ladies.
Margaret Lee

Rev. Fr. J. Brereton
 Rev. J. Callaway
 Rev. Fr. G. Griffin
 Rev. Fr. T. Reardon
 Rev. Fr. T. Crowley
 Rev. Fr. J. Kelly
 Rev. Fr. J. Smith
 Rev. Fr. P. Watterston
 Rev. Fr. P. Bourke

Stanley George Bateson
Reta and Derrick Dearden
Mc Quade family & Mc Bride family.
Joanne Hughes
 Grace, Bill and Michael, Shorrock & Family
 Annie and Bob Hughes & Family
 Margaret Westwell
Maureen Westwell
Jim Donohoe
Joseph, Ada & Claire Joyce
Joan Hanratty
 Rose Rushton
Jim, Annie and Chris Metcalf
Patrick Haworth
 Gregory and Audrey Heyes
Rose Stelmach
James Iddon
Domenico Pirraglia
Bill Moorhouse
Edwin Riley
William and Nellie Gleeson
 Josie Flynn
 Joan Anders
 Helen Carlton
Mia & Maurice Cross
Michael Conway
Martin and Jean Dwyer
Raymond Hilton
Harry and Irene Lowe
Richard and Gertrude Haworth
Patrick and May Haworth
Noreen Almond
Norman Huntley
Winifred Muldowney
William Muldowney
Bill and Marie Taylor
Hazel Hall
Norman Hindley
Mary Anne McGeady
Amy Houston
Margaret Kendall
Mark Elliot
Jim Dwyer
Thomason family
Mary and Francis Heyes
Tony Haworth
 Cathleen and John Paul Haworth  
Sadie, Jim and Peter Pickles
Richard and Gertrude Henry
Nikki Duhan
 Anthony & Agnes O'Brien  
Deceased members of the Hart family
Brian Thompson
Nihal Soji
John Taylor
Fred & Evelyn Partington
 Joe & Elsie McIntyre  
Florence Hamer  
Jacqueline Barlow  
Margaret Ormsby
Anne and Fred Duckworth
  Katharine Scambler
George Clayton
Deceased Members of Kemp and Metcalf Families

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Parish Priest: Fr S D O'Brien
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