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 Saint Mary’s Sacramental Program

Our Sacramental Program is a parish based program preparing children to receive the Sacraments of: -


First Holy Communion

The children can begin the program at a minimum age of seven years. Their parents are asked to renew their commitment of faith they made at Baptism and then present their children for the program. They promise to bring their child to Mass each week where they can join in the children’s liturgy.

We begin the program each year in September with an introductory meeting for the parents. This meeting explains how it is also an opportunity for both parents and children to learn about their own commitment to the faith whether they are regularly attending Mass or not up to this point

Seven workbook sessions follow with the children’s catechists over the next ten months. The children celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent or Lent followed First Communion in May or June.

The program is a three way relationship between the church, home and schools, primarily led by the parish and greatly supported by the schools and families. Catholic children who attend other schools are welcome to join us.

The children are expected to attend Mass weekly. If children do not fulfil this commitment parents will be asked to postpone their child’s reception of the Sacraments until the following year.

The Sacramental Program is not the end of a child’s journey of faith but rather the beginning of a life of faith which will encourage them to participate fully with us as a parish and family of the Church. It is a big commitment and we want to help parents and families prepare for this as much as we can.